Declinism cognitive bias

Declinism: Why We Think the Past Was Better Than the Present

Declinism is a cognitive bias that views the present and future negatively in comparison to the past. It is rooted in the belief that the world is inevitably heading towards a worse state, and may […] Read More

What Is Top-Down Processing in Psychology? - Fallacy in Logic

What Is Top-Down Processing in Psychology?

Top-down processing is a term in psychology that refers to a process in which the brain sends the stored information to the sensory system for further interpretation. It takes into account the previous knowledge and […] Read More

The Backfire Effect: Why Beliefs are Hard to Change - Fallacy in Logic

The Backfire Effect: When Facts Do the Opposite

Ideally, when we’re faced with facts that challenge our long-standing beliefs and opinions, we would consider the new information and rectify our beliefs accordingly. The reality is, however, that we humans tend to reject evidence […] Read More